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Superior VRC-158-1




Direction for Use:

SUPERIOR VRC-158-1 is a two component, 100% solids coating specially formulated to reduce moisture vapor transmission that causes adhesion problems of most resin-based systems. SUPERIOR VRC-158-1 is a unique blend of epoxy resins and specially formulated curing agents that has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and is compatible with most 100% solids epoxy and other polymeric top coats.



SUPERIOR VRC-158-1 is primarily used as a primer or base coat to reduce moisture vapor transmission to Ieveis that will aHow application of 100% solids, non-permeable coatings and other floor coverings. SUPERIOR VRC-158-1 provides an excellent base coat that cures rapidly, is not sensitive to pH variations and may be applied to concrete surfuces that have cured for only 7 days.



  • 100% solids
  • Low odor
  • Not pH sensitive
  • May be applied to concrete surface 7 days old
  • Reduces moisture vapor transmission
  • No flammability


Grades and Types:

Standard set - allow to cure for minimum of 12 hours before top coating. Rapid set- may be top coated in 5-6 hours.


Surface Preparation:

Surfaces to be coated must be clean, sound, dry and free of all foreign materials such as oils, grease, loose paint, dust and laitance. Surface should be sand or shot blasted to ICRI CSP 3-4 finish and hard troweled surfaces such as aircraft hangers, blast to ICRI CSP-5. Acid etching or grinding as surface preparation is not recommended.


Mixing and Application:

Mix Part A with Part Bat a ratio of2.4 A to 1 B by volume. Immediately after mixing, pour mixture in ribbons over the pre-measured area to be coated. Spread the mixed material using a squeegee and/or a 3/8" nap roller. Coverage rate will depend on surface porosity and texture as well as the level of moisture vapor transmission. Coverage will vary from 70 to 130 square feet per gallon.

  • < 10 lbs/1000 sq.ft./24 hrs - 130 sq.ft/gal
  • 10 - 15 lbs/1000 sq.ft./24 hrs - 100 sq.ft./gal
  • Up to 25 lbs/l000 sq.ft/24 hrs - 70 sq.ft./gal

When applied to very pourous concrete, there may appear to be "outgasing" from displacement of air contained in voids by the resin. This will not affect the vapor reducing performance of the system. For a smooth surface, very lightly sand the surface before topcoating.



  • Do not apply when air and substrate temperature is below 50°F or above 90°F.
  • Do not apply over gypsum floor underlayments.
  • Do not apply to Latex modified mortar or concrete.


Clean Up:

Clean tools and equipment immediately with a suitable solvent such as xylene or lacquer thinner.



1 gallon, 2 gallon, 4 gallon pre-measured units.



For professional use only. Epoxy systems can cause delayed dermatitis. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. See Material Safety Data Sheet for proper handling and required safety equipment.


Mix ratio by volume 2.4 A: 1 B
Pot Life Immediately empty container after mixing
Solids content 100%
Color A - clear, slight haze, B - clear, Mixed - Clear, Colors
available on special order
Shelf life 1 year in original sealed containers
Recoat time 12 hours



All recommendations, technical data and test data contained in this brochure are based upon the results of controlled laboratory tests or in actual field test. However, Superior Epoxies & Coatings makes no warranty of any kind concerning this data. Due to variance in storage, handling and applications of these materials, Superior Epoxies & Coatings accepts no liability for the results obtained. It is suggested that potential users try small applications to determine the suitability of each individual product for their specific requirements.




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