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Superior Saw Cut Filler 132 - #SSCF132

Rapid Set, 100% Solids, Medium Viscosity Epoxy Filler


SUPERIOR SAW CUT FILLER 132 is a medium viscosity, rapid set, 100% solids liquid epoxy for filling saw cut grooves in concrete. SUPERIOR SAW CUT FILLER 132 is designed for use with meter mix pumping equipment or may be packaged in easy to-use two component cartridges.




  • Rapid set filler and sealer for saw cut grooves.
  • Grout for dowel bars, rebars and anchor bolts in concrete.


  • Very rapid set for early strength.
  • Moisture insensitive - may be applied to dry or damp concrete or in humid conditions.
  • 100% solids, conforms to VOC regulations

Surface Preparation

All concrete surfaces to be bonded should be dry for best results. However, a damp surface dry condition is acceptable. Surfaces must be free of standing water. Mechanical scarifying to remove laitance or other foreign materials will result in optimum bond. Saw cuts must be air blasted to remove residual dust.


Mixing & Application

The individual components should be mixed prior to combining them or charging them into the compartments of dispensing equipment. Check dispensing equipment to be sure of correct 1:1 by volume mix ratio. If mixing by hand, combine part A and part B in equal volumes. Do not mix more material than can be applied in 5 minutes. Fill saw cuts to the top or slightly higher than the surrounding surface. A second pass prior to curing may be necessary due to the fact that all pour grade materials will "dish" or become concave.



  • Do NOT apply when temperature is below 33oF.
  • Do NOT apply to latex modified mortar or concrete.

Clean Up

Clean tools and equipment immediately with a suitable solvent such as xylene or lacquer thinner.



For professional use only. Epoxy systems can cause delayed dermatitis. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. See Material Safety Data Sheet for proper handling and required safety equipment.


  • Packaging:   2 component cartridges | 2 gallon units | 10 gallon units | 100 gallon units
  • Mix Ratio by Volume:  1:1
  • Color:  Part A: Clear - Part B: Clear
  • Pot Life (100 Grams):  5-10 Minutes
  • Compressive Strength:  9,500 psi (ASTM D-695)
  • Tensile Strength:  7,500 psi (ASTM D-638)
  • Shelf Life:  2 Year
  • Viscosity:  Liquid
  • Shore D Hardness:  75 5 (ASTM D-2240)
  • Coverage:  231 cu. in./gallon
  • Shrinkage:  Nil


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