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Item # SSE, Superior Safety Etch

SUPERIOR SAFETY ETCH is a concrete etch compound specially designed to provide a surface profile on green and mature concrete. The depth of the etching achieved with this product is the same as hydrochloric or muriatic acid with 80% less odor and a more uniform etch than liquid etch materials. Safer for use than hydrochloric or muriatic acid, the residue is easily removed by rinsing with water. The gelled form of SUPERIOR SAFETY ETCH provides easier neutralization and rinsing than liquid products since it does not highly penetrate into the concrete.


Features & Benefits

Recommended Usage


  • Water Base, non–flammable
  • Contains no TAP’s or HAP’S (Toxic/Hazardous Air Pollutants)
  • Easy clean up with soap and water or denatured alcohol
  • Non Ozone depleting
  • Low odor
  • Green and Mature Concrete
  • Factory and Warehouse floors
  • Concrete Stairways
  • Aircraft Hanger Floors
  • Tilt up Concrete
  • Exposed vertical or overhead concrete
  • Masonry that needs to be etched
  • Will remove most concrete sealers (test patch required)
  • Viscosity: <5000 cps
  • Appearance: Green Gel
  • Specific Gravity: 1.2
  • Boiling Point: 212oF
  • Freezing Point: 32o
  • pH: 1.0-2.0
  • Flash Point: >200oF
  • Coverage: 200 to 300 sq ft/gal
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Packaging:  55 gallons, 5 gallons, 1 gallon

Safety Requirements

Proper safety procedures should be followed at all times while handling this product. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for important health/safety information before use.



Surface temperatures should be at 40F to 100F. SUPERIOR SAFETY ETCH performs effectively at lower temperatures, but the dwell time must be increased.



All recommendations, technical data and test data contained in this brochure are based upon the results of controlled laboratory tests or in actual field test. However, Superior Epoxies & Coatings makes no warranty of any kind concerning this data. Due to variance in storage, handling and applications of these materials, Superior Epoxies & Coatings accepts no liability for the results obtained. It is suggested that potential users try small applications to determine the suitability of each individual product for their specific requirements.


Direction for Use


Preparation: Ensure that all surfaces are suitably protected. Ensure that all areas to be etched are clean, dry and free of oil and grease. DO NOT DILUTE. Pre-wet or protect all areas not to be etched which may come in contact with product or product rinsate.


Test Area: Always prepare a test patch prior to full application. This will indicate the time required for project completion and suitability of product for substrate. DO NOT DILUTE.


Apply desired thickness of SUPERIOR SAFETY ETCH (usually 10-30 mils) as determined from your test patch, by brush, 3/8”-1/2” roller or a rag to fully cover the concrete surface. Allow 15 minutes contact time, then agitate with stiff broom, nylon brush or back roll surface to introduce unreacted SUPERIOR SAFETY ETCH to the surface. Allow an additional 15 minutes contact time. Rinse with water and stiff brushes, pressure wash, or scrub surface to neutralize and expose etched concrete surface.


Dwell Time: The time required to etch concrete depends on the type and age of the concrete. Most concrete will be etched within 30-40 minutes. Rinse the product off as soon as an adequate etch has been achieved. Longer contact times and additional agitation may be required for removal of sealers.


Recoating: As with any etching compound, it is advisable to check the pH of the substrate before recoating to ensure that it is compatible with the new coating system to be applied. After sufficient drying time, ensure the surface is sufficiently dry and dust free prior to recoating in accordance with good painting practice and the coating manufacturer’s instructions.


Removal: For small areas, wiping with a dry cotton cloth, followed by a warm or soapy water rinse can remove residue. For larger surfaces, the majority of the removal can be accomplished by using a nylon bristled push broom or a floor squeegee, then washing the rest with running water through a regular hose. SUPERIOR SAFETY ETCH can be removed with a mop, however low pressure rinse or mopping does not remove laitance or dust, and therefore scrubbing or dry vacuuming may be required to remove dust prior to recoating. For best results through a 1500-3000 PSI pressure washer.


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