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Superior Cove Kit - #SCK


SUPERIOR COVE KIT is a structural epoxy mortar designed for vertical application at floor-wall joints to produce a sanitary perimeter seal.


Features & Benefits

Recommended Usage

  • Easy to use pre-measured kits
  • 100% solids- no shrinkage
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Seamless and easily cleaned
  • Form cove base
  • Provide a sanitary perimeter seal
  • Provide floor-wall joints chemical resistance

Direction for Use

Preparation: Surface must be clean, sound dry and free of any oils, grease, curing compounds, dust, laitance or any other contaminants. This may be accomplished by sand blasting, water blasting or some other mechanical means. New concrete surfaces should be acid etched with SUPERIOR SAFETY ETCH and rinsed thoroughly. Surface may be dry or damp, but must be free of standing water. Apply SUPERIOR PRIMER 171 at 200 sq.ft/gal by brush or short nap roller.


Mixing & Application:

  1. Pour contents of Binder part A and Part B into empty pail and mix thoroughly with spatula or a slow speed drill with paddle.
  2. Add aggregate slowly, while mixing, to the mixed binder.
  3. Mix until aggregate is thoroughly wet, approximately 2 minutes.
  4. Apply to primed surface with cove trowel while primer is still tacky. If primer cures before application of cove mix, re-apply.

Clean Up:

Clean tools and equipment immediately with a suitable solvent such as xylene or lacquer thinner.


Safety Requirements

For professional use only. Epoxy systems can cause delayed dermatitis. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. See Material Data Sheet for proper handling and required safety equipment.



All recommendations, technical data and test data contained in this brochure are based upon the results of controlled laboratory tests or in actual field tests However, SUPERIOR EPOXIES & COATINGS, INC. makes no warranty of any kind concerning this data. Due to variance in storage, handling and applications of these materials, SUPERIOR EPOXIES & COATINGS accepts no liability for the results obtained. It is suggested that potential users try small applications to determine the suitability of each individual product for their specific requirements.



Kit contains binder and blended aggregate in plastic 3 gallon mixing container. Kit covers 17.5 square feet at 1/8". (35 lineal feet at 4" vertical, 2" horizontal at 1/8")



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