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By routinely cleaning your floor properly, you will maximize its performance, appearance, and slip resistance. If you have a floor cleaning service, make sure they are instructed according to this guide.




Appearance: Naturally, your floor will look its best when it is clean. By installing a polymeric floor in your facility, you are telling people that you care about your image. By instituting a scheduled cleaning program, the floor will continue to look and perform as it did when it was first installed.


Safety: No matter how aggressive the texture of your floor, if it is not cleaned properly, it can present a slip hazard. Emulsifying, rinsing, and drying your floor properly will reduce the risk of a slip and fall incident.


Service Life: The lifetime of your floor will be directly proportional to how well you clean it. Particularly in aggressive use areas, (i.e. kitchens and machine shops) contaminants such as oils, dirt, and grease work with water and bacteria to attack your floor. This will lead to extended damage of the floor.




Mechanical Scrubbers (Floor Machines): Self-contained mechanical scrubbers are the most efficient and cost effective method. Pay particular attention to the type of cleaning pad being used. The abrasive pad should not mark the surface of the floor. The 3M red or blue cleaning pad is recommended.


Spray Cleaning/Power washers: In most cases, power washing is combined with a chemical cleaning. Hot water under pressure is insufficient to emulsify oils and grease. Power wash, scrub with a chemical, and then rinse!


Deck Broom: A hard bristle deck broom is an effective cleaning tool for most small applications. Soak the floor with cleaner and water and allow the cleaner to sit on surface for 10-15 minutes. Scrub the floor with the deck broom. After scrubbing, rinse or vacuum the floor surface.


Mops: Mops are generally ineffective except for smooth finish floors in the mildest cleaning situation. It is important to change the cleaning solution and rinse your mop often.


Cleaners: Heavy duty alkaline floor cleaners designed to remove protein or crude based soils. Follow manufactures instruction for proper dilution. Butyl based cleaners designed to remove machine and crude oil from floors. Follow manufactures instruction for proper dilution.




How often you need to clean your floor depends on the type of contaminants the floor is exposed to frequent cleaning is recommended for optimum performance.


The more harsh the environment, the more frequently you should clean your floors. Dust and dirt will dull the finish if not removed on a regular basis.


Chemical spills such as battery acids, phosphoric acids, dyes, iodine, etc., in many cases, will stain without otherwise damaging the floor. We recommend cleaning chemical spills immediately.


Kitchens need to be cleaned thoroughly at lease once a day. A regular cleaning consisting of soaking, scrubbing and rinsing should be part of the daily Kitchen Standard Operating Procedures.


Machine shops, oil change facilities and auto repair facilities should be cleaned 2-3 times per week with the above recommended soak/scrub/rinse procedure. Immediate attention is required for abnormal spills.




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